Ashley Avila - Clarinet, Voice, Piano, Saxophone

Ashley began her music journey playing Clarinet in 2007. Since that time she has learned and performed with several other instruments including piano, saxophone and Marimba. She also has a background in vocal performance and sang with the Advanced Chamber Choir at her high school. She currently sings with the choir at her college and in 2016 performed with them in France for two weeks.

Besides her musical skills she has also displayed her leadership skills and is a former Drum Major for The Selma Black Bear Brigade.

She looks forward to helping new students with their music advancement.

Giovanni Escamilla - Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Giovanni has lived in for Selma since 2011, but actually attended Roosevelt High School because of their music program. By the time he had entered Roosevelt H.S. he had already been playing guitar for several years and graduated from Roosevelt in 2015.

He has been performing on the guitar for 11-12 years now and currently belongs to a Mariachi group that plays at various venues around the valley. Although he teaches various styles of guitar playing he was originally taught Mariachi oriented music and his strengths are in the chord progressions and strumming patterns. He also speaks Spanish and teaches guitar for our Spanish speaking students.

2016 marks the beginning of his 2nd year at Fresno State where he is majoring in Business. Regardless of his major he eventually wants to become a sound technician.

He is also a brother of ΦΜΑ Sinfonia Fraternity of America. This fraternity is for men with a special interest in music and is open to men "who, through a love for music, can assist in the fulfillment of [its] Object and ideals either by adopting music as a profession, or by working to advance the cause of music in America.”

Nathan Chronister - Drums, Percussion

Nathan has lived in Selma for the past 17 years.  He was raised by a music loving family, where his dad played drums for his high school and college.  Despite Nathan's young age, he has been playing drums for nearly all of his life.

He started playing the drums when he was four years old and joined band in 5th grade to play percussion.  He has played drum set and all types of percussion instruments, including marching percussion.

As an 8th grader and as a sophomore in high school he was selected as Drum Captain, which had him leading all of the percussionists.  In 7th grade and 9th grade his Winter Percussion group won 1st Place at the SJVCGPR competition.  He was also selected to perform with the Lawrence J. Sutherland Honor Band at Fresno State.

After graduating from high school in 2016, he continues to play the drum set at his church and teaches percussion at Abraham Lincoln Middle School.

David Helm - Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano

David has always been around music for his entire life and started off as a drummer at a very young age.  He pursued his love of music and now not only plays drums, but plays multiple instruments such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and piano. 

David was a drummer in band from elementary through his junior year of high school. He is currently in his fifth year of being a worship leader at his church and youth group. 

After graduating Selma High School in 2015, David has been attending Fresno State University.  He is currently in the process of receiving his bachelors in Exercise Science.  His diverse music genre selections have helped him become a better overall musician. He likes long walks on the beach and watching the sunset.

Nathan Offenhiser - French Horn, Trumpet, Piano

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Derrick Hirschfield - Trumpet, Trombone

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